Music Playlists That Will Keep You Motivated

With finals week, we know how hard it can be to stay motivated to continue studying. Here are some playlists that will help relax your mind or even put you in a good mood!

1. Losing Time


With indie pop and rock, Elizabeth finds that when she is stressed, these songs keep her calm.
Listen to her playlist here

2. Classic


Piano lovers! Artists including Norihiro Tsuru, Yuriko Nakamura, Oh Jun Seong, and Yiruma will get you feeling inspired (get those creative juice flowing!)
Listen to this awesome playlist here!

3. Study Now, Success Later


Find that lyrics distract you from studying? Here is a playlist that is strictly instrumental with some good beats.
Check it out here!

4. Coffee Shop Feel Goods


Do you like those ambient coffee shop playlists that you will probably never hear again? It has a variety of acoustics, indie pop, and more. This mix not only helps motivate you to study longer, but also puts you in a good mood!
Listen here!

5. Stop Procrastinating


Getting straight to business, this playlists starts off with intense audio clips of motivational speeches that get you fired up! If this does not motivate you, i do not know what will!
Jam out here.