Top 5 Cute cafes

1. Gene Cafe


Deep into the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood, Gene's quaint, teardrop shaped cafe where Main Street and Kingsway converge (a kind of nexus between West and East Vancouver) is the apex intersection for attracting hipsters and trendy shoppers with a strong second-hand store vibe to it.

2. Catch 122


Located in historic Gastown, Catch 122 serves up rustic French food in a casual setting. Simple food you can relate to: comfort cuisine, wicked coffee, daily fresh-baked pastries, house-made charcuterie, and great local craft beer. That’s Catch 122. The dining room seats up to 60 and can be arranged for standing cocktail events; customizable group menus available upon request. Address: 122 W. Hastings Street, Vancouver

3. Cafe Zen


An unexpected find this Sunday in Kitsilano was a cozy little brunch spot called Café Zen. This restaurant is almost hidden on the street – so much so that you might walk past a few times before realizing its there but when you finally do discover it, you get that feeling that you’ve found a true “local” spot. When you first walk in your greeted by tables that fit the restaurant wall to wall. As a true believer that the more tables that are filled in a restaurant the better it is, I was sold on giving it a shot.

4. Caffe Citadella


Found along the burgeoning crop of hidden eateries rolling down Vancouver's Fairview Slopes, Cittadella Espresso Bar & Bistro is a ridiculously charming cafe constructed within the walls of a heritage home.

5. Arbutus Coffee House


Quite possibly the coziest of its kind in Vancouver, this unassuming cafe is found inside of an old heritage style building with a weathered, cracked burgundy painted face, striped awning, and bluish green top with potted plants and bistro seating surrounding the stoney sidewalk below. An antique cast iron coffee grinder stands firm at the front door. The inside is dim lit by a high hanging chandelier, shedding light on the chalk board menus and odds n ends decor that exudes vintage kitsch cafe collector appeal. The interior seating is compact with dark booths off to the side perfect for whispered repartee and standard cafe seating sits in the middle where patrons toil away on laptops, but in a non obtrusive manner. Sure you can write your screenplay here, but no one will care to take notice.